Your personal AI assistant

Aimy is a user-friendly decision-making tool for store managers.

Smart store operations and optimized staffing

Aimy helps you operate your store smarter, providing optimized staffing plans 15 months into the future.

Aimy uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from your store and calculates optimal staff levels on the fly.

Optimal staffing in seconds

Aimy is a decision-making tool that uses AI technology to optimise the outputs from workforce management (WFM) systems, providing staffing recommendations in seconds. Aimy is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) system available via a browser on your computer. It enables you to work efficiently, planning your staffing anywhere you have access to the Internet. This frees up time spent on admin work, enabling you to spend time on important core business operations.

Aimy ensures

Less time spent on admin

Reduced staffing costs

Increased turnover

Reduced staff turnover

Great customer experiences

Accuracy of over 95%

Aimy was developed because we saw that many chain stores cut staff as a knee-jerk measure to cut costs and overhead. In critical periods, cutting down on staff may seem like the easiest solution to cut costs, but understaffing often becomes a problem, leading to a loss of turnover. If there are too few employees at work in relation to customer visits, this can lead to the store missing out on potential sales. Customers often don’t return to a store where they have experienced absent or poor customer service. With optimized staffing from Aimy, you ensure good customer experiences and that your customers return.

Based on information from systems such as BI, checkout and customer counter, Aimy shows you how many employees should be at work at any given time in relation to the expected number of customer visits. On days when Aimy expects less work, it also makes sure that you have the right number of employees at work. In this way you stay within budgeted payroll costs. Knowing how many visitors you’ll get in the coming months is the most important basis for good planning. Aimy has an accuracy of over 95% when estimating customer visits.


Aimy reduces your workload

By analyzing huge amounts of data from your store systems and other factors, such as weather forecasts and planned sales days, Aimy tells you how many employees should be at work to optimize sales.

Even though the technology’s advanced, the tool’s easy to use. We retrieve operational data from various systems via APIs to communicate with the systems' cloud services. Then we apply artificial intelligence to analyze the information to get accurate staffing forecasts.

The result is your own personal AI assistant who keeps track of important history for you. Aimy does the time-consuming work in milliseconds, freeing up your day to do what you do best; running your business.

"Aimy makes it easy for store managers without IT skills to plan optimally when it comes to staffing a full 15 months ahead"

Sander Ripman Seim, CEO

Aimy is a powerful and user-friendly tool developed to improve resource use, efficiency, and earnings by providing automatic decision-making support to store managers working in larger chains.

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How Aimy works

Based on data obtained from relevant systems, Aimy shows graphical representations of the expected number of customer visits, the current shift schedule from the workforce management system and calculated forecasts for adding or removing a shift. Based on expected customer growth, Aimy estimates how much you’ll gain by adding a shift, or how much you’ll save in payroll costs by removing a shift.

Aimy can show recommendations broken down by department per department store, all the way down to the hourly level. You can see recommendations per month and per week. The recommendations from Aimy are updated every night according to the shift schedules in the workforce management system. Aimy gives you recommendations 15 months in advance, with frequent updates based on market trends, so you can feel confident in your staffing plans.

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