Optimal staffing powered by artificial intelligence

Your personal AI assistant

Optimal staffing in seconds

Aimy is your personal AI assistant who ensures optimal staffing using artificial intelligence. Aimy is an automated decision-making tool that collects and analyses historical data from relevant systems, providing you with an optimized staffing plan in seconds.

Aimy ensures

Less time spent on admin

Reduced staffing costs

Increased turnover

Reduced staff turnover

Great customer experiences

Optimized staffing plans

Never fret over your staffing plans again. Aimy provides optimized staffing plans 15 months ahead.

See how Aimy helps warehouse chains with improving resource use, efficiency, and earnings.

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" Aimy is an entirely new way of planning staffing that provides us with optimized staffing plans for all our warehouses. The warehouse managers understand and trust Aimy. She helps us calculate when to staff up and when to staff down."

Johan Ljung, Business Development XXL

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We work with retail chains where we’re convinced that Aimy will make a significant value contribution. Therefore, we offer a free consultation so both we and you’re sure it’s a good match.