Questions about Aimy?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about how Aimy works.

How long does it take to implement Aimy?

Aimy is implemented in two steps:

  1. In the first step, historical data from all relevant store systems are analyzed, and the first predictions are prepared. How long this work takes depends on how many stores you have, amount of historical data and complexity, but approximately 1-2 weeks.
  2. Then connections are set up with the store systems through APIs, so that new data can be received every night. All data is then merged, analyzed, and adapted. This takes an estimated 1-4 weeks to complete

How fast can I expect results?

Once Aimy is started, the predictions and shift recommendations for the next 15 months will be in place, given that historical data has been available in the setup. Without historical data, Aimy needs some time to gather data and extrapolate trends. Once the recommendations are in place, it’s up to you to follow them and enjoy the results.

Do we need to replace our old store systems?

No, Aimy is a value-adding supplement to your existing systems. Aimy collects all the valuable data history you have, so there will be fewer systems to deal with.

How big should our company be to benefit from Aimy?

The more employees you have working at the same time, the more valuable Aimy will be. And with seasonal variations, the value increases further. Stores with seven or more employees at work at the same time will benefit greatly from Aimy's recommendations. The same goes for the number of stores; the more stores, the more value Aimy has to offer.

We already have a planning system, why do we need Aimy?

You probably don’t have a planning system that comes with recommendations for how many employees you need to be at work per department per hour 15 months ahead. Today's planning systems don’t consider all the variables that may affect future results either. That's why you need Aimy!

What does Aimy cost?

Since it’s necessary to connect Aimy to existing source systems, Aimy comes with a set-up cost. The cost of the setup varies from customer to customer; therefore we cannot state a universal cost for this. Furthermore, Aimy is a subscription service with a monthly license cost that depends on how many stores you have. But one thing’s for sure, the cost is only a small fraction of what you can earn on increased customer satisfaction, reduced work hours, and saved administrative costs.

What’s required of us to buy Aimy?

Aimy needs access to historical data, and to do that we need to talk to someone in your IT department. This also applies when we set up the API connections. Once this is in place, Aimy is ready to use. In order to get the most value from Aimy, it’s recommended to train the store managers and other relevant people in the business who’ll use the system. We have extensive experience from the industry and are happy to assist with teaching Aimy if desired. That said, in Aimy's user interface, we have emphasized that the functions should be self-explanatory.

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