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Aimy shows you graphical presentations of the expected number of customer visits, the current shift schedule from the workforce management system and calculated forecasts for adding or removing shifts.

Aimy from A to Z

The implementation of Aimy consists of three phases, where we take care of the implementation process from A to Z. In the first phase, we collect historical data directly from relevant suppliers and internal systems that you use today.

In the second phase, we work internally with configuration and training of Aimy, so she’s adapted to your company. In the third and final phase, we deliver and implement the finished system and provide you with your own login to Aimy's cloud service. We can also integrate Aimy with the workforce management system you use today. After delivery, we continue to provide assistance and ensure that you implement good routines for the best possible utilization of the system.

Aimy's implementation process:

Phase 1 - Access to historical data: 1-2 weeks

In this phase, we collect historical data from your systems.

  • Retrieving data from WFM system

  • Collection of historical visitor numbers

  • Collection of historical turnover and profit figures

  • Collection of any other historical data that’s relevant to you

Phase 2 - Configuration and training of Aimy: 1-4 weeks

In this phase you can sit back and relax, we take care of the rest. How long it takes depends on how many stores you have.

  • Setup of dedicated infrastructure in Aimy

  • Cleaning and structuring of historical data

  • Training of the predictive model

  • Establishing and testing API connections with connected store systems

  • Set up of the service for all the department stores

Phase 3 - Delivery of the service: 1-2 weeks

The service’s now available, and you can test and verify before using it in all stores.

  • Create users for login

  • Viewing and training for early-users

  • Early-users test

  • Possible training of all users

  • All users get access

Questions about how Aimy does her magic?

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