How it all started

We have extensive experience from the industry ourselves and know that day-to-day store operations can be demanding. Staff planning is an important part of a store manager's area of responsibility.

Although the importance of proper staffing is obvious, we found that most of the planning was often carried out based on incomplete data or simply by gut feeling. In other cases, we saw that the store managers were wrestling with multiple complex systems that they had to manually compare against each other. Most store managers have their passion in sales and service, not number crunching.

We learnt that store managers knew very well that there were great advantages to correct staffing, but that they didn’t quite know how to solve it. That's why we created Aimy.

Aimy is a system that optimizes staffing based on statistics and data. Using historical data, for example from holiday seasons, Aimy predicts how you can get even better results next holiday. We have developed a system that saves you a lot of administrative work by "remembering" such important events for you.

"We know our system will help many stores optimize their sales"

Sander Ripman Seim, CEO

Save time with Aimy

With Aimy you get a system for automated staff planning which will free up time better spent on your employees. We wanted to make a system that only requires ten minutes of your time and that does not require extensive knowledge to use. Our system actually comes without a manual, because we're convinced you won't need one.


Founder and CEO, Sander Ripman Seim, has many years of experience as an owner and operator of several shops and restaurants. Seim has almost 10 years of experience as a sales manager from a leading time tracking system where he spoke daily with small and large companies all around Europe. Through all these conversations and input, he got the idea of optimizing staff planning using artificial intelligence.

CTO, Takhir Mamirov, plays a pivotal role in enhancing our development team at Aimy's Riga office. Drawing upon more than two decades of experience in IT as a proficient full-stack software developer and technical lead, coupled with a Ph.D. in science, he brings a wealth of expertise to our endeavors. Committed to fostering technical excellence and steering strategic development, his unwavering dedication extends to advancing not only the IT industry but also the realm of scientific innovation.

Today, the management consists of a competent team with over 50 years of experience in business development in IT, and import and logistics in retail.

Join the team. More than 90 stores are already using Aimy.

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We work with retail chains where we’re convinced that Aimy will make a significant value contribution. Therefore, we offer a free consultation so both we and you’re sure it’s a good match.