Retail is changing

We experienced a strong desire from the retail industry to develop a service that combines data and artificial intelligence to predict future resource use.

AI technology: a big step in the right direction

Retail has changed greatly in recent years. Physical stores have stagnated as new online stores flood the web. Never has proper staffing been more important. It’s critical that the physical stores renew themselves to keep up with the enormous opportunities that online commerce has gained. Optimal staffing using artificial intelligence is a big step in the right direction. The technology is expected to be the new standard for physical stores within just a few years, just like POS systems, customer counters and workforce management systems are now.

"Our goal is to contribute to more accurate staff planning that will increase conversion rates, earnings and efficiency"

Sander Ripman Seim, CEO

The growth in online shopping has largely been blamed for the fact that more and more physical stores have had to close. We come from the retail industry ourselves and know that the explanation isn’t that simple. For many years, retail has had the opportunity to make good money without it necessarily being due to good customer service.

Visitors expect good customer experiences when they walk into your store, which has been taken too lightly in retail. As a result of the major offensive from online shopping, customers now have far higher expectations regarding customer service in physical stores.

Using a new combination of operational data, machine learning and prediction models, Aimy gives you a better basis for deciding how many employees should be at work to maintain the level of service your customers expect.

Put together the perfect team

Do you know which employees should work together to increase sales? Aimy can also help you optimize your staff in terms of performance. It can measure the quality and performance of the employees so that you can make good assessments based on facts when putting together the perfect team of employees.

In larger department stores, the employees are usually specialists in different product areas. Surveys in retail show a 10-20% difference in performance between employees in general. In segments that require in-depth knowledge, however, we see that there can be up to a 43% difference in performance between the best-selling and the lowest-selling employees. Our technology will determine how the individual employee performs in different areas and how they perform in different shifts and teams.

By focusing on the employees' strengths, and not weaknesses, Aimy helps to optimize staffing at an individual and team level to increase sales.

Save time and money with Aimy

The pressure on store managers today is far greater than before. The areas of responsibility have grown considerably in recent years. Staff planning is an important part of a store manager's area of ​​responsibility. Store managers often have good but complex systems for staff planning. It’s time consuming to compare the huge amounts of data against each other to create optimized shift plans.

With Aimy you save time. It gathers all the information for you, so you can spend the time you save on other important core areas such as inventory and customer relations.

Aimy not only saves you time, but also saves you money. Aimy's goal is to anticipate how many employees should be at work at any given time. When the stores run sales campaigns, extra staff is usually added. The periods before and after can be tricky, such as when customers return to exchange promotional items.

It’s not always a question of spending more or less on employees but allocating them correctly. Aimy shows you the expected number of customer visits. It makes sure that you always have the right number of employees at work so you and your employees can handle the expected customer influx in a good way.

"We needed a tool for efficient staffing planning. We could either invest a lot of time in analyzing numbers ourselves or use Aimy's technology."

Johan Ljung, Business Development XXL

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